Raute concludes cooperation negotiations

Negotiations concerning temporary layoffs of salaried and senior salaried employees of Raute’s operations in Finland in Nastola, Lahti, and Kajaani, have been concluded. These negotiations concerned measures, the purpose of which was to adapt operations to the financial and production-related situation resulting from the declined order book and actions preventing work to be done due to the operational restrictions (e.g. in travelling) because of the coronavirus pandemic.  

According to the reached negotiation solution, the adaptations will concern all salaried and senior salaried employees of Raute Finland with a duration of at most 90 days. Temporary layoffs may be carried out either as a shortened working week or as a longer fixed period. 

Raute Group’s total headcount on 31 March 2020 was 767, of which 513 persons worked in Finland. These cooperation negotiations concerned the salaried and senior salaried employees of Raute Finland, totally 333 persons.

The initiated negotiations do not indicate any change in the previously disclosed outlook for 2020. Raute’s net sales for 2020 are expected to decrease compared to 2019 and operating profit is expected to weaken clearly year-on-year.

Raute is a technology and service company that operates worldwide. Raute’s customers are companies operating in the wood products industry that manufacture veneer, plywood, LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and sawn timber.