Qingdao to host AHEC 22nd Southeast Asia & Greater China Convention

The American Hardwood Export Council will hold its 22nd annual convention in Qingdao, China, for the second time.

The theme of the Convention is ‘Designed in Asia, Made in Asia with American Hardwood’. Many American exporters are expected to attend the event at the Westin Qingdao Hotel from June 22-23. AHEC will bring together speakers and experts from around the world to develop an even closer bond between the U.S. hardwood industry and Asia’s architectural, design and manufacturing industries.

The first day (June 22) sees a Press Conference & Market Discussion Panel for Media & AHEC Members only, followed by a full-day Convention & Mini Trade Show for pre-registered delegates on the second day. It is expected to attract over 400 delegates and over 30 AHEC hardwood exporting members.

This year’s Convention is supported by the Shandong Furniture Association, Shandong Interior Decoration, Qingdao Timber Industry Association, Shanghai Timber Trade Association and China Institute of Interior Designers, Beijing. 

Qingdao has been the central hub for commerce in Shandong province. It has been the venue for The International Furniture and Woodworking Machinery show for the last 14 years, annually in May. Over 150 timber importers and distributors have set up their trade offices and warehouses in Huang Dao.

The city is home to nine million with an urban population of 6.1 million lying across the Shandong Peninsula. In 2009 Qingdao was named China’s most liveable city by the Chinese Institute of City Competitiveness. In 2016 the city ranked 79th in the Global Financial Center Index.

China is the number one global market for American hardwood lumber, accounting for over 50 per cent of all exports from the U.S. hardwood lumber industry.