PYTHA 3D-CAD collaborates with Indonesia’s top woodworking school

PYTHA 3D-CAD signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) of Education Collaboration with Indonesian’s most prominent woodworking school Akademi Teknik Pika (ATPIKA) for the integration of the software into the school’s curriculum. This collaboration will benefit woodworking students by equipping them with modern, efficient and relevant skill-sets needed in the ever-transforming industry.

The MOU was signed by Clement Su of TheKnowHow.In and Mr Adhitjahjo of ATPIKA on 10 December 2019. The PYTHA 3D-CAD software will be introduced to a class of 30 students at ATPIKA when lessons incorporating the use of the software commence in January 2020.

The MOU was signed by Clement Su of TheKnowHow.In (third from left) and Mr Adhitjahjo of ATPIKA (fourth from left) (Image credit: PYTHA 3D-CAD)

Located in Semarang, ATPIKA has been educating and training generations of designers, technicians and supervisors for furniture factories across Indonesia for more than 60 years.

“The teachers have been taught on the instruction of PYTHA and have formulated a lesson plan with our guidance. The fact that teachers can be trained in a short time, is a testament to the ease-of-use of PYTHA,” said Su.

PYTHA 3D-CAD is the fastest growing screen-to-machine platform in ASEAN. With furniture manufacturing evolving away from mass-production to custom-design with fast turnaround, there is a growing need for more automation and digital manufacturing techniques for future woodworkers and factory managers.