Pyramid Lane first Malaysian furniture manufacturer to opt for automation

Thanks to a reputation for reliability, commitment and quality, the Malaysian furniture manufacturer Pyramid Lane has put its trust in German machine technology from HOMAG.

Pyramid Lane, based near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been manufacturing office furniture and kitchens specifically designed for the Asian market since 1997. The company decided to purchase new machines as a result of growing demand and ever-increasing quality expectations from customers when it comes to office furniture and kitchens.

Pyramid Lane, office furniture and kitchens specifically designed for the Asian market, is the first Malaysian furniture manufacturer to venture into automated production (Photo credit: HOMAG Asia)

With this in mind, Pyramid Lane invested in a storage system, plus an edge banding machine with laserTec and an automatic part return system. Pyramid Lane had previously invested in a panel dividing saw, which was easily integrated with the new machines via a simple software update, allowing the storage system to be controlled directly from the saw.

The montly capacoty is 2000 cabinets, 5000 tabletops and up to 8000 drawers – depending on the customer’s wishes and requirements, in series or in quantities of 1 (Photo credit: HOMAG Asia)

The new automatic storage system could be easily connected to an existing panel saw of older design. Structure, production output and process reliability increased immediately (Photo Credit: HOMAG Asia)

Pyramid Lane was the first Malaysian furniture manufacturer to venture into automated production. Peter Phoong, Managing Director of Pyramid Lane, says: “I was a little skeptical about investing in such machines to begin with. We were the first furniture company in our country to do so. I was worried about how much support would be available, to name one example. But after seeing the impressive performance of these machines, I have no regrets.”

Edge banding machine with laserTec and automatic return system (Photo credit: HOMAG Asia)

By investing in an automation solution, the company can now manufacture its products flexibly and efficiently in batch size 1 or series production, depending on the needs and requirements of its customers. Pyramid Lane saw the most important benefit of using the right automation solution very quickly: its production output permanently increased by 40%.

Peter Phoong is completely satisfied with his decision: “We can count on total reliability and outstanding support from the local representatives. HOMAG has provided us with excellent support for all our questions.”

The partnership has been a success from the very start.


Source: HOMAG