Precision and quality with Coohom’s 3D Modeling Service

Coohom aims to provide high-quality and precision 3D models with minimal compromises in any factors with their 3D Modeling Service. From the raw product information to the final presentation in online shops, Coohom aims to take care of all that for its clients. 

Hang Chen, CEO of Coohom, commented: “3D modelling is getting more crucial than ever since picture presentation has its limits, and to be frank, picture presentation is not too appealing compared to 3D visualisation. So we strive to provide the 3D Modeling Service to all business owners.”

According to Coohom, to visualise products with full customisation as 3D models, only essential information is needed or just computer-aided design (CAD) files. Furthermore, the 3D Modeling Service is 24/7 internationally, whereby users can contact the modelling specialists anytime and anywhere if they want to make some alterations to the 3D models.

The 3D Modeling Service is equipped with 3ds Max, which renders 3D models as precise and ideal as possible. The service also offers live 3D production presentation with 16k resolution rendering. All items besides furniture are available to be 3D modelled. The service offers full customisation during the modelling process, including texture, style, material and more. It can also be integrated with other Coohom’s software systems, such as 3D Viewer and Augmented Reality (3D Viewer & AR), and Virtual Showroom.

Clients can see the 3D product model in any style, material, angle

Hang added: “The 3D Modeling Service is the basic of everything: it is how you communicate with the clients at the very first step, how they will be able to see your 3D product model in any style, material, angle, and more. The 3D model precision and quality will exceed your expectations. Then, with the 3D Viewer & AR to provide the immersive experiences, before you know it, your product would have sold and caused a sensation in the market.”

Businesses using the service can grow sales conversions and product engagements, and gain brand exposures. Coohom reported that after using its 3D Modeling Service, its clients’ sales growth increased by tenfold, product engagements grew by 120%, and the practical costs had decreased.