Portable Industrial-grade CNC Sets Up in Three Minutes

LAS VEGAS – Yeti Tool’s new SmartBench – recently named an AWFS Visionary Award finalist for 2019 – is the world’s first portable, industrial-grade CNC router. It can also be assembled in as little as three minutes.
The SmartBench features a touchscreen assistant, 3-axis cutting capability, WiFi connectivity, and a light compactable frame that Yeti says can be stored in the tighest of workspaces – including a short wheel based (SWB) van.
Despite its small frame, it’s capable of processing up to 2500mm (98.43”) x 1250mm (49.2”) sheets edge to edge. It can process softwood and hardwood lumber up to 150mm thick, timber-based composite panels, composite worksurfaces, corian, polycarbonate, plastic, and aluminum sheets. Yeti guarantees a part accuracy of +/-0.125mm (0.0049”).
It looks like the SmartBench will occupy a similar space in the market to the Shaper Origin, except Yeti’s machine allows the operator to step away during a cut.
The Yeti SmartBench is going for around $5,000. It’s offered in a choice of three spindles: 110v, 230v, or 230v Precision.
Yeti will show off its SmartBench at the upcoming AWFS Fair in Las Vegas July 17-20. The Visionary Awards recognize creativity and innovation and are evaluated on quality, production impact, practicality, innovation, and user-friendliness. Winners will be named at the show.