Ponsse presents cut-to-length forest machines for working on slopes

Environmentally friendly and safe harvesting solutions for slopes are in high demand, especially when harvesting takes place in areas with varying terrain and steepness. Ponsse, one of the world’s leading manufacturers for cut-to-length (CTL) forest machines, introduces solutions for working on slope conditions.

PONSSE Synchrowinch is an important optional equipment for CTL forest machines when working on steep slopes. It helps the forest machine remain highly productive in an environmentally friendly and safe way, as compared to alternative manual methods in similar demanding conditions.

“Our solutions are always based on our customers’ needs, and our forest machines designed for steep slopes are no exception. We test and develop them together with our customers in truly demanding conditions, for example, in China, Brazil, North America and in Central Europe,” said Marko Mattila, Sales, Service and Marketing Director at Ponsse. “We have invested in the testing and research equipment required for the development of slope harvesting solutions at our Vieremä factory, and we have even built an artificial slope for testing and studying in detail how our products operate in slopes.”

Ponsse’s solutions for working on slopes include:

  • Eight-wheeled harvesters and forwarders, combined with balanced bogies, that offer tractive force, stability and comfort for the operator.
  • Engines, brakes and tanks developed for slope conditions.
  • PONSSE Synchrowinch and other options designed for working on slopes.
  • Efficiency and productivity of CTL forest machines – the cables or wires do not need to be pulled manually.
  • Smooth working – the winch helps the forest machine to move smoothly, even in demanding locations.

PONSSE Synchrowinch is available for PONSSE Cobra, Ergo 8W and Bear harvesters, and Buffalo, Bison, and Elephant and Elephant King forwarders. The winch is optional equipment installed in forest machines during the installation stage.