Poly WeDo explores and develops children’s gifts in music and art

Located within the Yongli International Shopping Centre in Beijing, China, Poly WeDo aims to explore and develop children’s talents in music and art.


Designed with an open, free, and flexible concept, the environment, full of wooden shelves, floors, and even ceiling finishes, disregards any rigid structures placed on teaching, and fosters a feeling of closeness between the children and the space.

The sloping roofs are connected to the floor, and also connect the various classrooms to the public spaces of the school, offering the children a conducive, intimate, natural, and cozy environment.

Additionally, the wood panels add to the acoustics of the school, absorbing sound while also adding to the aesthetic sense of the space.


Architects: Han Wen Qiang, Wang Ying, and Li Yun Tao
Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Year of completion: 2016
Photo credit: Xia Zhi