Pinnacle Renewable Energy suspends production at Entwistle facility in Canada

Pinnacle Renewable Energy has temporarily suspended operations at its Entwistle facility in Alberta, Canada, due to a fire and explosion that occurred at the dryer area of the facility. Pinnacle Renewable Energy is currently investigating the cause of the incident and developing action plans to restart the facility.

Management, Alberta Labour Occupational Health & Safety, local fire authorities, Pinnacle’s insurance adjusters and equipment suppliers, as well as third-party experts, are engaged in an investigation into the accident.

Pinnacle is now working with its insurers, suppliers and contractors to evaluate the damage and develop a plan to restart the dryer area. The rest of the facility sustained little damage and Pinnacle will resume production of wood pellets in March 2019 from dry fibre.

Prior to the incident, the Company was successfully ramping up the facility. The storage silo is now fully operational and unit train delivery service commenced in 4Q 2018. Management expects consistent performance improvement once the facility resumes production.

Pinnacle Renewable Energy is a rapidly growing industrial wood pellet manufacturer and distributor, as well as the third largest producer in the world.