Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A. changes name to Pfleiderer Group S.A.

Panel board from Pfleiderer


Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A. has now changed the name under which it does business to Pfleiderer Group S.A.

This name change has been duly registered by the KRS National Court Register. At the same time, the Company’s registered office has been relocated from Grajewo to Wrocław, Poland.

The changes made to the group’s corporate structure are of a strategic nature and as a consequence, the organisation will have three tiers. The group now consists of the holding company that will be responsible for governing the Pfleiderer Group, operating companies and production companies.

“Following the changes that recently transpired in our Group we have become an international entity,” says Michael Wolff, CEO of Pfleiderer Group S.A.

“For this reason, we saw the need to reorganise our organisational structure to ensure that it is transparent and that it facilitates more effective management of the eastern and western segments in their entirety. This new structure will also enable us to form better relationships with our clients. We are becoming a single international group poised to serve them.”