PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue explores SMART solutions in forest certification

Log tracking, dynamic data transfer, blockchain… what are the “must have” technologies that can strengthen trust and traceability throughout supply chains?

What technologies are showing promise for transferring complex information in a useable and credible form? How can technology help certification to deliver more value to companies and customers? Where are technologies showing promise to supporting auditors to verify compliance?

At the 2017 PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue in Helsinki, some of the latest and greatest technological developments from certified forestry supply chains will be featured. With new and emerging hardware, software, services and tools enhancing the robustness of certification and accelerating the flow of information through supply chains, the session re-imagines how the information flow and product assurances of certified products can continue to evolve in the future.

For many SMEs, documenting, storing and sharing production information up the value chain can be a challenge.

With their Woodpecker app, KIAG are hoping to address this, providing smallholders with a low cost and easy to use tool to improve the transparency of their wood harvest and delivery information and ensure their inclusion in sustainable supply chains.

“The PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue is a great opportunity for us to share our new tool for smallholders that we have been developing and pilot testing with PEFC in south-east Asia. But we are also looking forward to the chance to learn what other technologies are out there and challenge ourselves to go further,” said Harald Puhl, KIAG.

From leveraging society for sustainable forestry to activating efficient sustainable forest management, this year’s PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue will have much to share discuss on the future of forestry.


2017 PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue

16 – 17 Nov

Scandic Park Helsinki