Panels & Furniture Asia September/October 2018


Quality. Service. Respect.
Peter Fitch, managing director of Segamat Panel Boards, shares how the company aims to be the pre-eminent and top-of-mind supplier for quality thin panel raw MDF and semi-finished MDF across the globe.

Humble and high-reaching, Lam Viet does not shy away from risks
A supplier of high-end furniture, Lam Viet is not afraid to forge its own path in this time of change in Vietnam’s furniture industry.

Taking Thailand’s wood industry in his stride
Having navigated through the ebbs and flows of Thailand’s wood industry for close to three decades, Jirawat Tangkijngamwong has razor sharp industry insights and a candid take on the Thai way of doing things.
At 11 years, Jirawat is currently the longest serving chairman of Thai Timber Association, he is also the deputy managing director of Deesawat Industries and chairman of Deesawat.
Founded in 1972, Deesawat is a pioneer and leader in today’s Thai wooden furniture industry. We recently have the chance to pick his brain and hear what he has to say about Thailand’s wood manufacturing industry as well as the ongoing U.S. – China tariff war.