Panels & Furniture Asia November/December 2022


“Delivering added value to our customers”: Teknos expands to Vietnam
In September 2022, Teknos opened a new commercial and competence centre in Vietnam, promising faster response time, and solutions and services tailored to each customer. How can this customer-centric business model strengthen the value of the company? We speak to Paula Salastie and Wanda Smith, CEO of Teknos and managing director of Teknos Malaysia respectively, to find out more.

On market diversification and educating new markets: A conversation with AHEC
The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has recently concluded their appearances in Vietnam and Bangkok timber events. We speak to Michael Snow, executive director of AHEC, on the current hardwood market outlook, the council’s strategies for diversification and education, and what sustainability means to them.

How sustainable is palm wood?
Peter Fitch, president of IOI Palm Wood, goes through in detail the lifecycle stages of palm wood products — from growing and manufacturing the raw material to buying the products — and explains how sustainable it can be to invest in palm wood.