Panels & Furniture Asia November/December 2021


Protecting and defending intellectual property rights in China
The awareness of intellectual property rights (IPR) in China is generally weak, and this is especially true of the country’s woodworking industry, with many practitioners lacking legal awareness or having little respect for IPR. Union Brother (Shanghai) Machinery sets out possible reasons for such a phenomenon, and what the industry can do to mitigate risks of losing their patented technology.   

A new beginning for Scheuch Asia
In June 2021, Scheuch Asia welcomed Mirko Köhler as their new managing director, taking over Jan Eike Graeff who has been in post since 2019. Panels & Furniture Asia speaks to Köhler to know what he has in store for the company, be it the expansion of Scheuch Asia’s services, or their planned investments in South East Asia.

Zero waste: Furnishing homes with recycled materials
As consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious in their purchases, so are woodworking manufacturers and designers in making more environmentally sustainable products. Ken Hickson lists down a few enterprises and individuals who use recycled materials in their products, championing the art of wood craftsmanship.