Panels & Furniture Asia November/December 2020


Alternative and sustainable solutions to develop new “wooden” panels
In the complex system of waste management and environmental sustainability, relying on competent partners capable of offering flexible and competitive solutions that ensure a return in both economic and productive terms is an attitude that can make the difference, especially in light of an ever-changing market such as the one of environmental policies.

Industry 4.0: The importance of APS in automated lean production
Faced with a complex market environment featuring multiple varieties, fewer batches, shorter delivery times and more changes, custom furniture manufacturers are currently pressed for the support of a powerful production information management system. Since the planning and scheduling process is deemed as the core of production information, an information system is even more imperatively needed.

Into the woods: How a resurgence in timber could redefine construction
The rise of mass engineered timber (MET) has ushered in a new era of building with wood, with exciting possibilities to design structures of unprecedented complexity and scale. But what’s most exciting about the new age of timber is what it could mean for the industry in terms of sustainability and automation.