Panels & Furniture Asia November/December 2019


For DIEFFENBACHER, diversification is key
In the past two years, DIEFFENBACHER has observed shifts in the Asian Pacific market, as manufacturers in the wood industry sought ways to avoid colliding head-on with challenges brought about by world events such as the U.S.- China trade war and an impending economic slowdown. Panels & Furniture Asia speaks to Holger Ries, DIEFFENBACHER’s Area Sales Director in Southeast Asia, to find out more.

Omnichannel retail on the rise in Singapore’s furniture industry
The decline in retail sector may be hurting major developed markets as foot traffic in shopping malls fell with the onslaught of online shopping. But are brick-and-mortar stores doomed for good? Do they still have value?

Meet the team behind SCM’s Software and Digital Services
The woodworking industry may be undergoing an inevitable digital transformation, but it is a game that is still in its early stages. Many companies are still exploring the many possibilities of digitalisation.