Panels & Furniture Asia May/June 2022


Markets poised for growth, supply chain disruptions slowing resurgence
The US hardwood market is steadily recovering from the pandemic shocks, but challenges are still not over — lockdowns in Shanghai, China, and the Russia-Ukraine war are disrupting the supply chain. Judd Johnson reviews these global factors and forecasts the future demand for US hardwoods.

Sustainability as competitive advantage for Koda
Sustainability is no longer just an ESG goal but increasingly a market force that businesses have to embrace to attract potential consumers. Ernie Koh, executive director of sales and marketing from Koda, an original design manufacturer of furniture, shares how the company turns sustainability into a competitive advantage.

Sixty years of edgebanding quality
Sixty years ago, HOMAG launched its first throughfeed edgebanding machine. How much has its edgebanding technology changed since then? This article looks at how the company’s edgebanding machinery has evolved in breadth, complexity and performance over the past 60 years.