Panels & Furniture Asia May/June 2021


US hardwood sawmill production: Measurable recovery, but supply is slow to rebound
Despite the increase in US hardwood production, domestic and global market demands have not yet been met. Judd Johnson shares some factors needed to restore production volumes to pre-COVID levels.

The circular economy and sustainable e-commerce: Getting the global furniture trade moving again
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a surge in terms of online shopping and e-commerce. How can furniture producers and consumers create a sustainable supply chain to encourage responsible consumption and reduce waste? Ken Hickson provides some suggestions.

Transforming oil palm trunks into high-quality and sustainable materials
Given that palm oil is one of the biggest contributors to Malaysia’s economy, can unused oil palm trunks be turned into sustainably produced engineered wood panels?  Peter Fitch writes about IOI Palm Wood’s endeavour to commercialise this untapped potential.