Panels & Furniture Asia March/April 2024


How have US hardwood exports to South East Asia performed in 2023?
John Chan, regional director of the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) Greater China and South East Asia region, updates about the slow market in South East Asia in 2023, and shares how AHEC plans to boost their presence in the region with a “multi-pronged approach”.

Wood-Mizer sawmills help cultivate growth and women’s empowerment in Pakistan
Aligned with International Women’s Day, Wood-Mizer interviewed Aqeela Bano, CEO of Ciqam Green Solutions, a Pakistan-based furniture manufacturer committed to hiring women and empowering them in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

EGGER in South East Asia
EGGER Group’s latest investment in South East Asia, the acquisition of a minority stake in Thai producer Panel Plus, is an indicator of the region’s strong growth potential. What about South East Asia attracts EGGER? Michael Egger Jr, CSO of the group, shares more.