Panels & Furniture Asia March/April 2023


Unpacking domestic and global furniture trends with HOMAG Asia
From mass customisation to the fifth industrial revolution, Wolfgang Neeser and Lorenzo Marcaccioli, respective managing director and sales director of HOMAG Asia, share about current furniture trends in Asia and across the world, and how the company is responding to these trends.

Sandwiched Variable Eggcrate Structure: Reconstituted timber component for wall and flooring use
Using mass timber in Singapore can be financially and environmentally costly. Pan Yi Cheng, developer of Sandwiched Variable Eggcrate Structure (SVES), a flooring and wall module prototype made using reconstituted timber, believes that reconstituted timber and prefabrication can be solutions.

EU adopts deforestation-free products regulation
The EU has agreed on a new deforestation regulation that requires companies to produce a due diligence statement showing when and where their commodities were produced and provide verifiable information, in order to export into the EU. Peter Fitch, CEO of IOI Palm Wood, shares more about what to look out for in this new regulation.