Panels & Furniture Asia March/April 2022


Adopting three pillars of sustainability for furniture industry
Ken Hickson outlines the importance of sustainable forest management, arguing that all firms in the furniture and forestry industries should strive to meet the three pillars of sustainability — socially just, ecologically sound, and economically viable.

Inheriting Taiwan’s woodworking machinery heritage
In February 2022, the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Associated (TWMA) elected Joe Chang as their new chairman. We speak to Chang to understand more about Taiwan’s woodworking machinery scene, and find out what plans TWMA has to boost the woodworking machinery industry.

Wood recycling: From waste to resource
Amid skyrocketing prices for fresh wood and raw material bottlenecks, waste wood is increasingly becoming an attractive resource for the wood processing industry to tap into. Jose Matas introduces the financial and environmental benefits of waste wood recycling, and how high-precision sorting equipment can help manufacturers target Grade A waste wood.