Panels & Furniture Asia March/April 2019


What is next for U.S. Hardwoods?
Many things can influence business for U.S. hardwoods. Fashion is one that plays a large role for hardwoods used in appearance applications for interior fittings and furnishings. U.S. hardwoods are also used for decorative accessories and novelty items that may be tied to fashion. In fact, technological advances in finishes and treating are taking U.S. hardwoods outdoors for fashionable exterior uses.

Vision for the future: Cabinet Vision brings digitalisation to South East Asia
Cabinet Vision, one of the most widely used software programmes in furniture and joinery kitchen cabinets manufacturing industries worldwide, has created a buzz of excitement in the South East Asian (SEA) markets since it landed on their shores 18 months ago. Panels & Furniture Asia speaks to Graham Rutter, who heads International Business Development at Cabinet Vision, to find out more.

Reclaiming old world charm – a reclaimed wood furniture collection from Naturalis Historia, Singapore
Naturalis Historia’s debut furniture collection exudes an earthy splendour. The attention to detail, such as the brass hinges and brass crémaillère latches in their Blandine cabinets, lends a quiet charm and finesse. But reclaimed teak wood is very much the star in this collection. Beautifully grained and finished with a rub down with wax, it is many things at once. The pared down, minimally finished wood has a raw, timeless quality. Reclaimed teak will continue to be the main material used in future collections, making Naturalis Historia one of the few local brands to manufacture and retail furniture made almost entirely of reclaimed teak, apart from the chairs.