Panels & Furniture Asia July/August 2023


US hardwood supplies: Conforming to a divided, underperforming marketplace
Different sectors of the US timber industry — be it flooring, moulding, pallet, or others — are performing differently, with some doing well, the others bad. How does this unevenness affect the demand and supply of hardwood? Judd Johnson, editor of Hardwood Market Report Publications, spells out the current market situation.

Is there enough wood?
As the demand for wood resources increases due to a louder call for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, it is assumed that available wood resources will deplete in the coming decades. But is this true? Prof Lauri Hetemäki from the University of Helsinki and director of European Forest Institute (EFI) Marc Palahi explore the possibilities.

Empowering the Malaysian timber industry
Malaysia is one of the biggest exporters of wood and wood products globally, and the organisation responsible for leading the country’s timber industry to greater heights is Malaysian Timber Council (MTC). The council’s new CEO, Noraihan Abdul Rahman, shares about the current challenges that plague the timber industry, and what strategies she and her team have to tackle said challenges.