Panels & Furniture Asia July/August 2020


Diversifying Global Supply Chains – What’s next for South East Asia?
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus of discussion on whether foreign enterprises will move out of China has shifted. Nowadays, the question seems to be “Will foreign enterprises expand from China?” because by now, one thing is certain – foreign and even domestic enterprises in China are removing some of their eggs from the China basket. Countries in South East Asia (SEA) sit high on the list of preferred countries to relocate or build a secondary facility in. In the context of the wood and wood products industry, which countries will stand to gain the most? What can these countries do to seize these opportunities? Panels & Furniture Asia seeks the opinions of several industry players and experts.

Nanxing and Okelo join hands to welcome a new era of smart furniture production
A collaboration between Nanxing Machinery and Okelo helps the latter to break out of traditional furniture manufacturing method.

Demystifying the path towards Batch Size 1 Production
In our world today, customisation matters. From shoes to cars, consumers desire to own products that are theirs and theirs only. Be it embossing a name on a pair of new sports shoes or choosing the colour and finishing of a new car, mass customisation has made owning unique products possible for consumers. The same goes for furniture. The era of customised manufacturing or batch size 1 production in the furniture industry has arrived, but are furniture manufacturers in South East Asia ready?