Panels & Furniture Asia January/February 2022


How sustainably produced forest products can help slow global warming
Within the construction industry, residential and commercial buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. What can the industry do reduce such a figure? Rose Braden argues for more use of forest and wood-based materials, and for the reduction of concrete and steel in buildings.

The right fitting with Hettich
Furniture fittings ensure that experiences like opening cabinet doors or drawer compartments are smooth and enjoyable, and Germany-based Hettich develops them. Having just opened a Hettich Experience Centre in Singapore, Hettich speaks to Panels & Furniture Asia about what they do, their plans for the region, and what kinds of furniture fittings are trending.

Yakisugi, the art of charring wood
The process of charring a wood panel exterior is known as yakisugi, which provides the panel a beautiful appearance and makes it durable. To understand more about yakisugi, we interviewed Nakamoto Forestry Europe, who specialises in the wood charring technique.