Otherworldly and different, V + COFFEE can offer visitors so much

V + COFFEE sits quietly in a corner of the ground floor of the building that houses it, otherworldly and different from other cafes in the area. Wooden-grilled windows in the shop front are painted retro green, drawing visitors in and encouraging them to step in and encounter a story of light and shadow.


The interior, however, feels like a micro-market of art handicraft workshop of sorts, where animal simulation sculptures, antique radios, and hand-made devices in different sizes quietly adorn the walls, tables, or display racks. All the original furniture and lightings have their own meaning and story, and they successfully convey the true meaning of the comfortable life evolution.

Black iron and solid wood act as the background, where fine metal lines move in tandem with soft woody texture, contemplating a showy and luxurious life.


Design company: FAN Life
Architects: Liu Jing
Location: Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China
Year of completion: 2017
Photo credits: Cai Zehong