OSB plant successfully accepted for ZAO Murom’s greenfield project

ContiRoll® press at ZAO Murom

First recorded in 26 November 2020 before starting three-shift operations in March 2021, the benchmark oriented strand board (OSB) plant of the Russian wood-based material manufacturer ZAO Murom has now reached its new milestone: the plant was accepted in July, a success in view of challenging circumstances.

The new OSB line was built as a greenfield project at the site of ZAO Murom in the Vladimir region of Russia. The core piece is a ContiRoll® Generation 9 in the 8.5′ x 30.4 m format. The complete plant included the combined competence of front-end specialists within the Siempelkamp Group (Pallman and CMC) who contributed the raw material preparation as well as the screening, gluing and forming technology. The energy plant and drum dryer were supplied by Büttner, and Sicoplan was responsible for the engineering. Also included were Siempelkamp’s new developments for OSB production, which have proven their positive plant performance – the press heating system, a release agent application device for pMDI use, and the “strand catchers”.

In the middle of the pandemic, the first OSB was produced on a complete plant made by Siempelkamp at the end of November 2020. The way was thus paved for further start-up despite extreme winter conditions, like permanent temperatures of below -30°C and heavy snowfalls. With an annual capacity of more than 280,000 m3, the OSB line enables ZAO Murom to use diverse raw material assortments, including waste from plywood production, another focus of the plant investor.

The plant’s machinery and components enable the production of a high-quality wood-based product which can be sold worldwide and offers clear competitive advantage. It has met with great approval from customers. Now, the plant also produces very thin OSB with a board thickness of 6.0 mm – a unique selling point for ZAO Murom in Russia.

“We are pleased with the completed acceptance process, which provides ZAO Murom another strong foundation for wood processing, and it will influence new investments in the wood-based materials sector in the future,” said Konstantin Putintsev, General Director of OOO Siempelkamp (Russia).