OrganoWood launches OrganoWood Nowa

While OrganoWood Nowa is naturally coloured and looks like ordinary wood, the wood is modified by cross-linking of the wood fibres, which gives the wood high resistance to rot fungus. This has been made possible by using OrganoClick’s technology for modification of cellulosic fibres.

Since 2015, OrganoWood Nowa has been developed by OrganoClick. It has been tested in field tests and via accelerated tests from 2017. OrganoWood Nowa has obtained Durability Class 1 according to the accelerated test EN 113-2. Field tests are ongoing in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Malaysia to test the durability of the treated wood in different environments.

The treated wood has also shown resistance to termites in accelerated test EN 117. The wood’s mechanical properties have been tested with EN 310, showing that the strength of OrganoWood Nowa is equivalent to untreated wood.

OrganoWood Nowa is manufactured according to a standardised pressure impregnation process and does not require high temperature drying unlike OrganoWood Silicium’s second-generation wood protection technology.

OrganoWood Nowa will become its new standard product from March 2023, while OrganoWood Silicum will become a premium product. Its first-generation product will phase out with this product launch.

“After more than 8 years of product development and testing, OrganoWood Nowa has orders from German distributors and Swedish customers,” said Mårten Hellberg, OrganoClick CEO.