Oregon is the new benchmark in timber in the USA

In the United States of America (USA), the state of Oregon has set the standard for mass timber design, construction and manufacturing. A recent report by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) presents a number of observations from the construction, engineering and architecture communities on this blossoming trend.

Forest to Frame, an educational effort to aid contractors, developers, engineers and architects in understanding why the most trustworthy building materials in the world is wood from working forests, features a range of partnerships – both public and private – that are committing to a thriving movement that is reformulating how offices, hotels and apartments are built. The report reviews contractors, developers and architects, all from Oregon, who are leading the charge in using breakthrough wood products like cross-laminated timber (CLT) to construct multi-storey edifices – including monuments and skyscrapers – almost completely out of wood. The document also focuses on conspicuous projects in the state that challenge long-held notions about constructing with wood, most notably one of the first CLT superstructures in the US, the twelve-storey tower in Portland made out of timber.

Other topics included in the report are the numerous environmental benefits of working and constructing with wood, how the wood used as building materials drive the economic development in Oregon’s timber-dependent rural towns, and the pioneering research carried out in the state validating the safety of mass timber buildings.

Timm Locke, OFRI’s Director of Forest Products said during an interview with Wood Business, “Forest to Frame offers a fascinating overview of mass timber construction and why it holds great promise on a number of fronts. The report demonstrates that it’s both possible and practical to meet our growing construction demands with the most remarkable building material we’ve ever known: wood.”

Source: Wood Business