Oregon-based plywood producer invests in Argos Solutions’ panel repair system

Back in August 2023, Argos Solutions invited Timber Products to Kongsberg, Norway (Image: Argos Solutions)

Oregon-based plywood producer Timber Products has invested in a panel repair system (PRS) by surface grading and PRS manufacturer Argos Solutions.

According to Argos Solutions, the PRS will be installed at Timber Products’ production facility in Grants Pass by April 2024.

This specific PRS system ordered by Timber Products is the ARGOS PRS Compact with two workstations capable of repairing up to 675 panels per hours. The compact system performs multiple operations like routing, applying water base putty in small opening and injecting liquid polyurethane, all in the same system.

Argos mentioned that a feature of this system is its continuous panel repair capability. With panels being scanned and repaired simultaneously, there is reportedly no downtime in the repair process. This ensures maximum productivity.

The system is also equipped with the ARGOS high-precision scanner system for automated grading, that can detect defects in wood as small as 0.8mm.

Back in August 2023, Argos Solutions invited Timber Products to Kongsberg, Norway. The CEO of Timber Products, Mark Avery, together with his team Ben Ralph, the corporate engineering manager, Tim Marcoulier, the maintenance manager, and Mike Rudy, the director of Operations and Plywood, have reportedly “enjoyed the visit”, as mentioned by Argos in their LinkedIn press release.

Timber Products also managed to get a live demonstration of the system from Argos Solutions’ technical director Jan Sandok and the rest of the Argos team.

“This visit was certainly worth our time. It was great seeing the benefits the system will provide, as well as getting to know Argos Solutions better,” said Avery.

“We are very much looking forward to future cooperation, and to install the ARGOS PRS in our facilities. We are certain that it will be a game changer for our production and the quality of our plywood panels.”

Richard Lepine, general manager of Argos Solutions North America, congratulates Timber Products for their new system.

“Timber Products has made a smart investment that will benefit their production in several ways. The Argos repair system is very versatile and can handle several wood species from your typical softwood plywood to more complex hardwood plywood face veneer. 

“For the smaller capacity production facility that wants the highest operation flexibility, the ARGOS Compact PRS is the best solution on the market. And this is why Timber Products decided to choose the Argos Solution for their Panel Repair Line project.”