Optimising e-shopping experience with Coohom’s Virtual Showroom

Coohom has launched Virtual Showroom, a 3D visualisation business solution that aims to change the e-shopping experience in the furniture industry.

According to Coohom, the Virtual Showroom is an interactive, intuitive, and integrated product trade show, which also supports multi-level floor plans roaming and shopping, so the customers could freely browse any item they are interested in.

“The Virtual Showroom feature is the ultimate 3D visualisation business solution for the wildly growing e-commerce industry. It almost covers every service that Coohom currently provides, from high-precision 3D Modeling Service, 3D Viewer & AR, to open API integration,” said Cook Liao, head of Coohom.

“3D visualisation is becoming more and more crucial than ever, which the Virtual Showroom is leading the way to the future of e-shopping experience for furniture and home décor industries.”

The Virtual Showroom provides a 720 virtual showroom to let customers shop online without limitations. Time and distance will not be of concern anymore, and it supports seamless data synchronisation with the customer relationship management (CRM) / enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and stock keeping unit (SKU) researching and social media marketing.

This allows businesses to save material cost and increase product conversion of their brand. Typically complex operations are rendered easier with the Virtual Showroom as well, since all the steps in e-commerce can be achieved within the solution, without needing to jump to different platforms.