One desk to rule them all: the world’s first modular desk

Photo credit: Deskbloks

Boring table design? Buying lots of additional gadgets for yourself and running out of space?

Deskbloks is here to put it all to end with its modular design!

Set on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, Deskbloks is to be the world’s first modular desk. Made from top Croatian Oak wood, a strong material that is perfect for absorption of heat from the laptop or PC, the desk consists of various numbers of “bloks” that cen be combined accordingly to the user’s preference and lifestyle.

The world’s first modular desk. Photo credit: Deskbloks

 Photo credit: Deskbloks

The bottom of every blok is designed for easy cable management. With five different bloks available, they currently consist of built-in USB ports, speakers, mic and headphone jacks and wireless charger for your phones.


Source: Indiegogo/Deskbloks