Not everyone in Canada is ready and prepared for lumber duties

While some forest industry observers have declared that Canada is in an improved position in the event of a softwood trade war with the United States of America (USA) today compared to where it was ten years ago, that proclamation excludes Ontario and Quebec.

New reports show that these two provinces are the most likely to struggle if the lumber duties are put into effect in a few weeks.

However, a number of enterprises based in British Columbia (BC) managed to procure sawmills from the USA during a period of ceasefire concerning the issue, including Canfor, Interfor and West Fraser.

“The big players in the West are now in a more comfortable position than they were [ten] years ago,” Andre Tremblay, Head of the Quebec Forest Industry Council, said to the Canadian press. “We are in a much more delicate situation now than during the last conflict.”

Source: Pulp & Paper Canada