NHRI and Remsoft accelerates SME adoption of digital forest supply chain solutions

The partnership aims to overcome data and implementation challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) adopting digital forest supply chain solutions. The first SME implementation of the Remsoft Operations Cloud is now underway (Photograph: Remsoft)

The Northern Hardwoods Research Institute (NHRI) and Remsoft have partnered to support best practice implementation of the Remsoft Operations Cloud within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the forestry sector. The first SME pilot implementation is underway with a leading producer of hardwood products in Canada. Research for the project is supported by the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation’s (NBIF) Innovation Voucher Fund.

Remsoft Operations is a cloud, SaaS solution designed to manage the forestry supply chain from forest to mill in real time. It has been successfully deployed within large, global operators such as Weyerhaeuser. Hundreds of users, across different teams are actively planning and scheduling in the Remsoft Operations Cloud, and the system is being used to manage thousands of harvest units and several millions of tons of fibre.

“Within the Remsoft Operations Cloud, forest product companies can consolidate and connect all the people, processes and data sources needed to manage the entire supply chain,” said Doug Jones, Senior Vice President, Client Solutions & Innovation at Remsoft. “The ability to see everything in one, real-time view is key to unlocking cost savings, revenue, and performance opportunities across the value chain, and with its cloud architecture and modular design, Remsoft Operations can scale to any company’s needs.”

NHRI is a collaboration of the forest sector, government and academia that conducts research related to the management of hardwoods and mixed forests of Eastern North America. The research is used to develop solutions to forestry management challenges including resource growth, timber value and long-term sustainability.

A key challenge for small to mid-size businesses adopting digital forest supply chain solutions such as Remsoft Operations is preparing the necessary data. The NHRI-Remsoft partnership will leverage NHRI’s unique expertise to overcome this challenge by streamlining the implementation process, including data preparation, digitisation, and integration.

By partnering with Remsoft and implementing our precision block planning processes, we can improve operations and lower costs for SMEs,” said Gaetan Pelletier, NHRI’s Executive Director. “These are key drivers for developing a sustainable and globally competitive forestry sector.”

The project is supported by the NBIF Innovation Voucher Fund, designed to support SMEs with access to scientific talent and facilities they need to engage in R&D opportunities to accelerate innovation. NBIF contributed $44,200 to the partnership.

Jeff Lingley, Investment Analyst with NBIF said: “We’re happy to support the collaboration between NHRI and Remsoft. The Remsoft Operations software will prove valuable to any size organization in the forest industry and our team sees that potential. This partnership gives them access to R&D support to help bring the final SME solution to fruition.”

Source: Remsoft