New Zealand: 260,000 tonnes of logs exported through Eastland Port in February

A record 260,000 tonnes of logs were exported from New Zealand’s Eastland Port in February, almost as much as an entire year’s worth of export a decade ago. In the past month, 259,081 tonnes of logs and 5,580 tonnes of squash were handled by the port, said the Eastland Group in a press release. 

“That’s our best month ever,” said Eastland Port general manager, Andrew Gaddum. “Incredibly, this month’s log volume is only 54,000 shy of the entire year’s volume in 2006.”
Mr Gaddum said 13 log ships, two squash ships and four cruise ships visited during February. “Our busiest previous month was October 2015, when 232,000 tonnes went across the port. August last year was also busy, with 234,000 tonnes.”
Eastland Group bought the port from Gisborne District Council in 2003 and has steadily grown export volumes – mostly raw logs – from 480,000 tonnes in 2003 to a record 2.8 million tonnes in 2014.
Source: Lesprom Network