New training to help SMEs on EUTR due diligence

NEPCon and trade partner the Global Timber Forum (GTF) has rolled out a new initiative, “Increasing Awareness and Capacity to Support Effective Implementation of the EU Timber Regulation”, to enable SMEs in the EU to make illegality risk assessment due diligence an integral, constructive element within their business and administrative systems.

Training and support are free and will be offered in 12 EU states; Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Hungary and Spain. It will be easily accessible via a new online platform.One-day training sessions in the 12 EU states will also be available free of charge in 2017.

The goal will be to tackle continuing lack of knowledge of the EUTR’s sometimes seemingly complex requirements and show companies that due diligence is at heart good business practice.

The project will also build due diligence awareness and capacity among SMEs, improving their knowledge and skills in assessing illegal harvesting and trade risks across the EU’s core timber and wood products supply-base worldwide.

Certified wood is increasingly seen to have a competitive edge in the EU market over material from unknown or legally dubious sources. Effective due diligence and supplier risk assessment practice is increasingly accepted as a tool for improving overall supply chain management and efficiency. It promotes consistent and accurate communication and helps build closer relations and understanding between buyer and supplier.