New line of log splitters added into Wood-Mizer’s range of wood process equipment

Designed for farm operations, small businesses and commercial wood splitting companies, Wood-Mizer introduced three new log splitters to their diverse line of wood processing equipment. 

Wood-Mizer FS300 Log Splitter

Wood-Mizer FS350 Log Splitter

The heavy-duty log splitter models – Wood-Mizer FS300, FS350, and FS500 Log Splitters – offer many unique features to the log and wood splitting market including portability, bi-directional splitting, uniform firewood production, and an efficient and ergonomic operator location. 

Wood-Mizer FS500 Log Splitter

“Throughout our history, Wood-Mizer has been committed to providing the best quality equipment to process logs into marketable wood products,” said Wood-Mizer COO Darryl Floyd. “The introduction of our log splitting product line now offers firewood producers a safe and efficient product backed by the high-quality and service you expect from Wood-Mizer.”


Source: Wood-Mizer