New generation planer line to Sweden

For its Swedish customer Moelven Edanesågen — part of the Norwegian-Swedish Moelven group — which produces wood elements and systems for the construction sector, solid wood processing company Ledinek manufactured and delivered a new planer line for exterior elements. As part of a major investment at the Edane site in Sweden, a new production line for planing and sorting will also be built.

Chosen as a partner in this project, Ledinek reportedly provided all equipment from its own production along with the design, implementation and optimisation process. The new line is said to replace the two older lines at the site and will take over the production programme of the adjacent site.

The products from this line will go to the Norwegian and Swedish markets (Image: Ledinek)

Ledinek has been manufacturing planing machines for 25 years. Stratoplan, its new generation of machines, allows four-sided planing and profiling of boards up to 300mm wide. The new fourth generation Stratoplan, introduced this year, is said to offer greater profilling capacity for larger cross-sections of external profile elements.

High automation, integration and a new higher capacity machine will increase the productivity of the new line. The centre piece of the line is the Stratoplan, with a machining speed of up to 400m/min. The 10 spindles, combined with the integrated tool measuring and positioning system, allow short set-up times and flexibility of the line. To improve efficiency in smaller cross-sections, the Splitcut machine, which allows horizontal cutting of workpieces into thinner boards, increases the capacity of the line.

Due to the high processing capacity of up to two boards per second, the line is optimised for automatic operation, including the evaluation and sorting processes (Image: Ledinek)

Additional processing by profilling the ends of the boards will increase the value of the products. Stacked packages will be automatically bundled and protected.

This new line will allow flexibility and greater capacity for a variety of products, enabling the customer to produce high volumes of products at lower cost. The planned line will be a production line for this type of product once it is operational.