New Engineered Wood Veneers are 14 Times More Impact Resistant

A new engineered wood veneer hopes to replace traditional wood veneer in high-impact commercial applications.
From New Leaf, a new company under Wilsonart, the engineered veneers are developed for use in commercial applications like furniture, architectural doors, wall panels, and case goods. New Leaf says its Performance Veneers overcome the challenges traditional veneers face – while still maintaining real wood’s natural beauty.
Each New Leaf veneered surface is an exact replica of an authentic natural veneer, says the company. A protective performance layer is applied to the top of the pre-finished engineered veneer and integrated throughout its layers to protect it against sunlight, water, impact and other elements that cause traditional veneers to age so quickly. This topcoat makes New Leaf three times more fade resistant, four times more scratch and wear resistant, eight times more dent resistant and 14 times more impact resistant than traditional veneers, says New Leaf.

“New Leaf Performance Veneers is excited to bring a whole new category of beautiful, durable veneered surfaces to the market,” said Andrew Evans, Director of Product and Marketing Strategy for New Leaf. “These products provide specifiers with an abundance of cut and stain combinations for high-performance commercial applications.”
Available in 37 different wood species, veneer cut and stain combinations, designers can choose looks ranging from classic to contemporary to luxury. Advanced printing technologies reproduce the nuances of each species with high accuracy.
New Leaf is a new company backed by Wilsonart. Wilsonart is one of the world’s leading providers of engineered surfaces.