New drilling unit by Weinig for capping and drilling in one pass

The optimising crosscut saw with integrated drilling unit OptiCut S 50+ Powerdrill offers a two-in-one solution to take production to the next level (Image: Weinig)

Weinig has released the new OptiCut S 50+ Powerdrill, which offers a combination machine for simple, fast and efficient capping and drilling in one pass.

The new Powerdrill drilling unit serves as an addition to the product portfolio for easy cutting on an OptiCut S 50+ optimising crosscut saw.

According to Weinig, both drilling and cross-cutting can be performed in a single step. With this technical change and option, customers have new possibilities in the design of their production process and maximise their production capacity.

By combining two processing steps on one machine, efficient production can be achieved, whereas previously such production had to be carried out on two, partly manual, machines. This ensures time-saving, process-reliable and higher-quality production. Via OptiCom, the saw’s control system, all cross-cuts and drill holes can be intuitively created and processed in lists without any prior PC knowledge. This is also possible from the office PC, and even faster.

The drilling unit is integrated in the machine body in front of the sawing unit. The unit is designed with high-quality components for precise positioning in the workpiece width and workpiece height. In the longitudinal direction of the workpiece, transport is by means of positioning slides. For clamping the workpiece, a variety of pressure options can be used upstream and downstream of the machining units.

The drilling unit with five-tool holders is ideal for those who are looking for combined machining by a single machine and attach importance to an optimised process flow in their production; for example, in the machining of wood in the garden such as fences, screens and decking, of furniture parts or construction parts, among others.