New CEO of Bürkle Group appointed

Jan Sickmann, CEO of the Bürkle Group, Freudenstadt

The shareholders of the Freudenstadt-based Bürkle Group have appointed Jan Sickmann as their CEO with effect from 19 Oct 2021. The mechanical engineer takes over the management of the group of companies together with the other managing directors. The strengthened management team will consolidate the market position and further expand international growth at all locations in a phase of dynamic market changes.

Sickmann has more than 20 years of experience in international mechanical engineering and plant construction under his belt. The mechanical engineer and business economist has worked successfully in national and international management positions for market-leading companies in robotics, automation technology and for system manufacturers in the photovoltaic industry. His focus was on market and technology-oriented growth strategies.

With active support and in close coordination of the Munich-based private equity partner Auctus Capital Partners, the Bürkle management is facing the challenges of the market with economic tailwind in the coming months. They intend to continue focusing on the three growth areas of wood-based material finishing, photovoltaics and printed circuit boards. This is supported by an individual strategic orientation of the business areas and further technical innovations.

Summarising Bürkle’s future strategic development, Sickmann said, “Bürkle is an excellently positioned company with strong technology and solution competence. With the highly motivated and innovative Bürkle team, we will consolidate and further expand our international market position.”