New assembly adhesives from Jowat

The new Jowatherm® 233.10 in granulate form

Jowat introduces two new hot melt adhesives based on polyolefin (PO) which have been developed especially for the manufacture of precast concrete parts. The new products Jowatherm® 233.10 and Jowatherm® 233.20 have very strong adhesive strength for different materials, build up fast and do not leave residues when removed.

They are ideal for bonding formwork elements made from different materials, for instance various plastics (PE, PP or PU) as well as wood‑based substrates and metallic surfaces. The fast build‑up of strength of the PO-based hot melts facilitates a fast manufacturing process and the concrete can be poured already into the forms a few minutes after bonding. In addition, the adhesives are resistant to vibrations and provide a flexible bondline with high strength values, which absorbs the vibrations when the concrete is compacted with plate vibrators and keeps the formwork elements in place.

The new assembly adhesives from Jowat facilitate a reliable bonding of formwork elements made of wood to steel sheating

Another advantage is the special formulation of the PO hot melts with a purely physical adhesion mechanism that facilitates a residue-free removal of the adhesive from the formwork elements. This provides a major benefit especially in the manufacture of béton brut and in applications where the formworks are reused for the casting of concrete parts.

Due to the different open times of the two adhesives Jowatherm® 233.10 and 233.20, they are designed for lower and for higher ambient temperatures respectively. They are supplied in standard size units, in granulate or block form as well as in cartridges, and can be processed and applied properly with the existing equipment.