Myanmar’s Merchants Federation says it can deliver details of timber origin

The Swedish Forestry Department has issued a statement on the Swedish court decision that resulted in a fine for a Swedish importer for failing to satisfy the due diligence requirement of the EU Timber Regulation in relation to a shipment of Myanmar teak.

The Forestry Department has admitted that when shipments comprise timber from multiple sources and these sources are not separately identified then the chain of custody (CoC) can fail. The statement said that efforts are underway to devise a system that can provide accurate CoC details.

At the same time, the task force comprising stakeholders preparing for the VPA with the EU has issued a statement saying that they can respond to requests for information on shipments from buyers. The point of contact is the Myanmar Forest Products Merchants Federation (MFPMF, a private sector federation which issues the Myanmar ‘Green Folder’). The MFPMF said they will respond with information on the timber origin in cooperation with the Forestry Department and the Myanma Timber Enterprise.

Source: ITTO