MTC booth at AIA conference is a stunning showcase of Malaysian hardwoods

The highlight of the Malaysia Timber Council’s exhibition at the AIA Conference on Architecture at Orlando, Florida, was a 3.4-meter tall, four-walled structure made completely of Meranti timber and capable of being totally constructed and dismantled in only a few hours without any construction equipment or tools. Designed by Eleena Jamil Architect, the modular structure underlined the sustainably sourced Southeast Asian hardwood’s adaptability and strength.

A complex interlocking lattice comprised of 232 dimensionally identical and interchangeable modules all at 600 by 700 by 165 mm, the modules were nonetheless made from different types of Meranti. The Meranti at the bottom is the darker, harder Bukit, and the top is capped with the lighter, softer Tembaga.

Each single module is composed of nine wooden members that can be easily slotted in together without the use of any construction equipment or tools. Custom-made “butterfly clips” of steel hold the four walls together at the intersections.

Architect: Eleena Jamil Architect
Client: Malaysia Timber Council
Fabricator: Supreme Tropical Furniture Sdn Bhd


All images are credited to Eleena Jamil Architect

Source: Arch Daily