At LIGNA 2019, DIEFFENBACHER will showcase a wide range of new solutions and fresh ideas to help customers optimise the entire panel manufacturing process. Many enhancements and substantial improvements of established and well-proven DIEFFENBACHER products, technologies and services will also be on display.

Practical solutions for Smart Manufacturing are one example. DIEFFENBACHER will go beyond the hype of Industry 4.0 to present digital and intelligent production solutions focused on customers’ needs. With permanent condition-monitoring, self-controlled production solutions and the MyDIEFFENBACHER platform, customers can make faster and safer decisions, work efficiently and increase the productivity of their plants.

The HCOS High-Capacity Oscillating Screen

The new HCOS High-Capacity Oscillating Screen for particleboard production will also be featured. It is lightweight for hanging installations, eliminates the need for dedicated foundation blocks and has a long shelf life. Meeting ATEX safety standards, it is ready for indoor installations. The sheer size and the ability to adjust the screen’s inclination enable high capacities. Its self-cleaning and quickly changeable screen nets simplify operation.

The MAIER MRZ Knife Ring Flaker with integrated FlowOptimizer

The new MAIER Knife Ring Flaker with integrated FlowOptimizer ensures optimal material distribution over both the complete knife ring width and circumference. In practice, it has achieved 25 per cent higher throughput, 20 per cent less energy consumption, 20 per cent longer service life of wear parts, and improved flake quality.

DIEFFENBACHER will also show how to gain raw material flexibility by replacing fresh wood with recycling wood – without compromising board quality. DIEFFENBACHER wood recycling plants reliably eliminate impurities, and customers benefit from reduced material costs, maximum cleaning efficiency with low wood losses, and increased sustainability.

The EVOjet M 2.0

The new-generation MDF glue-saving system EVOjet M 2.0 literally turns gluing upside down for more efficiency. The simplified gluing system delivers high throughput and resin savings up to 25 per cent while reducing emissions out of the dryer and pre-curing of the resin.

A new concept dedicated to work safety, environmental protection and sustainability is the DIEFFENBACHER Intelligent Air Management System, which helps improve the air climate in a production hall. The system can easily be retrofitted in existing plants to comply with new and stricter regulations. In-depth analyses such as CFD simulations (computational fluid dynamics) are carried out to configure an optimal solution meeting the customer’s requirements. DIEFFENBACHER is undertaking its first industrial project of this type for Swiss Krono in Germany.


Beyond presenting technology and service innovations, DIEFFENBACHER will emphasise dependable communication with existing customers and prospects at LIGNA 2019. Stefan Zipf, Head of the Wood Business Unit, sums up the DIEFFENBACHER approach: “Aside from advanced technical solutions, we believe that working together as partners helps our customers move forward and remain competitive for the future.”

“MOVE FORWARD. TOGETHER.” This not only is the motto of this year’s LIGNA, but also the core message of DIEFFENBACHER’s new brand identity. With a new design, advanced technologies and even stronger customer orientation, the company aims to distinguish itself even more clearly in the future.