More opportunities for wood in China’s construction industry

Image: Unsplash

Back in October 2022, the municipal government of Shanghai began to promote low-carbon, zero-carbon and even negative carbon emission technology innovations, to support the carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategies for the city.

According to Canada Wood Group, Shanghai officials are reportedly working on positioning the city as an exemplary model for the national double carbon goals, to reach carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.

Ten action plans were formulated to support the goals, which includes the zero-carbon technologies of urban and rural construction and transportation area.

The government published an official notice for the Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Implementation Plan with Science and Technology Backing, which has been announced with the participation of six municipal authorities.

The implementation plan sets specific targets, such as research and development of low-carbon related technology systems covering energy, industry, construction, and transportation areas; completion of demo projects; establishment of carbon neutrality-related laboratories and green technological innovation centers.

To promote the green and low-carbon construction of urban areas, communities and rural areas, the plan promotes the research and development of key technologies for carbon reduction throughout the whole lifecycle of buildings, with focus on the integration of low-carbon or zero-carbon building materials during design, construction, and operation in super-large cities.

It specifically lists the low-carbon or zero-carbon building materials for design and construction, calling for action on the R&D of new building materials as well as structural systems with natural materials that can sequester carbon, including wood structures.

During the China-Canada Green Low Carbon Construction Exchange organised by Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) China, the Shanghai Management Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development also reiterated the importance of the inclusion of wood in the plan.

China’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategy are creating more opportunities for wood construction development across the country, with the carbon advantages of wood gaining more awareness among Chinese government stakeholders.