Montreal Wood Convention: Where buyers, producers, and suppliers mingled

March 28th to 30th were a few busy days for Canada’s forest products sector as North American and international buyers as well as producers and suppliers both big and small descended on Downtown Montreal.

The Bonaventure Hotel was filled to brimming with nine hundred registered exhibitors and attendees of the annual wood tradeshow, now in its fifth edition, organised by a partnership between the Ontario Forest Industries Association, the Maritime Lumber Bureau, the Quebec Forest Industry Council, and the Quebec Wood Export Bureau – the primary organiser.

Sven Gustavsson, of the Quebec Wood Export Bureau, stated that the exhibition’s main goal of drawing global buyers to Canadian producers is what makes the event one-of-a- kind. “We exceeded our forecast. We had more people from overseas and many of them were serious buyers looking for Canadian wood products,” Gustavsson said in an interview with Wood Business.

60 to 80 buyers hailing from more than 10 nations including China, Pakistan, Poland, and the United States (US) were present, and including exhibitors, approximately 16 countries were represented.

Despite the impending US duties, the atmosphere of the tradeshow remained positive. “People who come here are looking at their day-to-day businesses. We cannot stop because we know this is going to happen,” Gustavsson pointed out.

Source: Wood Business