Montreal Wood Convention 2023 to take place in April

Montreal Wood Convention 2022 (Image: Montreal Wood Convention)

The Montreal Wood Convention will be taking place next year, from 18-20 Apr 2023, at the Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

According to the press release by the organising committee, the programme will be released in detail later this fall. The convention has a typical attendance of around 1,000 delegates from North America and overseas.

The previous edition was held from 23-25 May 2022, with programmes such as industry seminars and panels by specialists from National Association of Home Builders, Interfor, and other companies. The convention reports that more than 900 participants and some 100 exhibitors gathered in person.

The forest industry is reportedly a major contributor to the Canadian economy with a GDP contribution of nearly CA$20 billion, representing 8% of Canada’s manufacturing sector. With exports of over $45bn in 2021, the sector has a strong positive trade balance of over $30bn.

“The Montréal Wood Convention is the perfect opportunity for Canadian wood product industrials to meet with a multitude of investors from North America and overseas in one place, in a short period of time and at a low cost, to expand their export activities to a greater number of markets,” explained Sylvain Labbé, president and CEO of the Quebec Wood Export Bureau and organising committee member of the event, in a press release by the Montreal Wood Convention.

“The US market has long been Canada’s main importer of forest products and will remain so. However, the consequences of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have reminded our producers of the importance of diversifying exports by accessing other markets, notably through increased visibility and canvassing activities such as the Montréal Wood Convention.

“Opportunities like this allow Canada to ensure the sustainability of its industry and to gain new market share in a constantly changing world.”