Mobile and lightweight, the structure leaves no physical imprint while still impacting society

In a bid to address the lack of awareness concerning marine biodiversity and promote responsible use of Tyre’s coast, architecture students from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, constructed a mobile, lightweight structure to act as a point of meeting and information on the beach, according to ArchDaily.

A lack of awareness regarding marine biodiversity and visitors and locals who have irresponsibly used the coast have brought about severe destruction of the area, along with population drops among coastal and marine fauna. Presently, local environmental NGOs are faced with numerous challenges in regards to spreading awareness.

Students from the American University of Beirut’s Design Impact Laboratory (DI-LAB) collaborated with environmental consultants and the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve and proposed a scheme to catch the attention of both local and visitors with a structure that acted as the main hub for the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve.

Ephemeral and earthy, built out of wood, ropes, and metal, the project acts as an exhibition space, as well as information, presentation, and meeting point, among others. Moreover, it also aims to study how the application of lightweight and impermanent systems can leave large social impression while also minimising the physical impact.

According to ArchDaily, the structure can also be deployed to various endangered sites along the coast of Lebanon, evolving into an icon of environmental awareness.

All images are credited to Lorenzo Tugnoli