MMFA members record growth of 32% across all polymer categories in 2021

Image: Steven Ungermann/Unsplash

The Multilayer Modular Flooring Association (MMFA) has released their sales figures for 2021.

The global sales figures of MMFA members show a total growth of 27% across all categories in 2021 compared to 2020. Contrary to previous years, the members’ sales of wood products flattened, an increase of 1.6%, while members’ sales figures for all polymer products recorded a total growth of 32%, with Rigid expanded polymer core (EPC) and solid polymer core (SPC) products showing an increase of 79% and 30% respectively compared to 2020. This significant growth follows from Rigid EPC and SPC’s sustained performance, anchoring them as strong contenders on the market.

According to MMFA, among MMFA members, western Europe and North America consistently rank as leading markets in terms of volume of sales, while Africa, Latin America, Asia and Australia and Oceania are the most dynamic markets, with sales growth having doubled and even tripled since 2020. Finally, despite the current situation, eastern Europe members’ market share of 6% for SPC products shows market growth potential in the region.

Volume per category

Overall, in 2021 sales of wood flattened for MMFA members compared to last year, with a total of 15 million m² sold worldwide, an increase of 1.6%. Meanwhile, members’ sales of polymer products have continued to grow across all regions and reached 105 million m² total sales.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) sales increased by 27%, while SPC sales recorded 30% increase. Both categories respectively sold over 46 million and 49 million m² throughout 2021. Finally, EPC sales also recorded an increase among the members, with an increase in 80% and 9.3 million m² sold this year.

Total volume per areas

Members in western Europe and North America account for 90% of sales for all categories of polymer products, except for wood, with the USA, Germany and France ranking as the top three markets. France is nevertheless significantly bigger than Germany when it comes to LVT clic sales.

For all polymer accrued products per total volume of sales per region, western Europe ranks first with 54 million m² sold, followed by North America with 41 million m², eastern Europe with 6.1 million m², Asia with 2 million m², Australia or Oceania with 811.617m², Africa with 654.124m² and Latin America with 634.731m².

In 2021, wood sales were the highest with MMFA’s western Europe members in terms of volume with 14 million m², and in eastern Europe with 891.482m². This year, North America recorded 151.163m² of wood sales, while Asia and Latin America sold 47.674m² and 44.523m² respectively. In Africa, 1.741m² of wood products were sold in 2021, while Australia and Oceania sold 1.479m².

Largest single markets

MMFA reported that the US is their biggest market in North America this year for all polymer accrued products by far, selling 39 million m². In western Europe, their biggest markets for all polymer accrued products in 2021 were Germany with 17 million m², France with 14 million m², Great Britain with 5 million m² and the Netherlands with 4.5 million m².

Germany was also the biggest market for rigid accrued polymer this year, with 10 million m² sold in total, followed by France with 6 million m² and the Netherlands with 2.6 million m². The US remains as MMFA’s biggest market for rigid accrued sales in North America as well, with 21.5 million m² sold in 2021. For eastern Europe market, Poland ranks first with 1.4 million m², followed by the Russian Federation 369.667m². Meanwhile, Australia recorded 655.413m² of accrued polymer products sold, after the country became a rigid market due to historically bad experience caused by extreme exposure to sunlight.

When it comes to sales of LVT clic, France positions itself as MMFA’s biggest market in western Europe with 8.2 million m² sold. It is followed by Germany with 6.9 million m², Great Britain with 3.3 million m², the Netherlands with 1.9 million m² and Switzerland with 295.083m² sold in 2021. In eastern Europe, the Russian Federation was the biggest market for LVT clic this year with 912.887m². In North America, the US still stands as the biggest market, having sold 17.4 million m² of LVT clic products in 2021.

For wood products, MMFA’s biggest markets in 2021 were Germany with 10.1 million m², Austria with 1.5 million m² and Switzerland with 493.693m². In eastern Europe, the Czech Republic was the biggest market, with 432.194m² sold. Finally, in North America, Canada was the most significant market for wood products, with 82.084m² sold this year.

Overall, western Europe and North America lead in terms of total volume of sales of all accrued polymer products. MMFA’s African market, although starting with lower bases, is growing at triple rates with an increase of 247% in sales of EPC products, of 77.931m² in 2021 compared to 2010.

MMFA’s Asian market has an increase of 188% compared to 2010, with 649.806m² sold in 2021. Latin America and Australia and Oceania members have also doubled their volumes of sales compared to 2020, both recording an increase of 88% and 102% respectively across all polymer accrued products.

MMFA’s eastern Europe members represent a significant market size, accounting for 6% of MMFA’s market shares for all polymer accrued products. Meanwhile, MMFA members in western Europe accounts for most market share of wood products sales with 92%.